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Saxophone Solo Performance

Saxophone Lessons


Jeff Saxophone Singapore

Please SMS / Call

Jeff @ 81261553

for Saxophone Lessons

Saxophone Performances:

For events (D&D, opening, launch ) or parties (birthday parties/home parties) or weddings (romantic wedding performance with love songs)



Saxophone Classes:

(Saxophone Sales/Rental provided)

For total beginners (even without knowing how to read the music scores) to intermediate players.



Contact: Please SMS / Call

Jeff @ 81261553



for performance booking and classes enquiries.

Jeff Zhai Jian Performing Saxophonist / Saxophone Instructor


Jeff Zhai Jian, regarded as "Singapore's Kenny G" by Mediacorp TV channel 5, is based in Singapore. He gives solo saxophone performances or with his band for events, openings, launches, parties and weddings. Trained as a professional classical saxophonist with strong music background since young, he now focuses on performing Kenny G style smooth Jazz as well as funk, pop music for his passion. His performances set the performing venues in a joyful and romantic atomosphere -- classy, exciting and involving.


He also gives private lessons on saxophone. No matter you are a total beginner or an intermediate saxophone player, you will achieve your goals by learning with instructor Jeff. Private classes will be arranged progressively according to your goals of learning saxophone, either for classic saxophone examinations, or for jazz saxophone playing.  


TV appearance on One Moment of Glory (OMG) program (Mediacorp Channel 5, 2010)


Testimonials by Mediacorp Celebrities

Jeanette Awe:

I play the saxophone too and the soprano saxophone is one of the hardest instruments to play. You look calm, collected and savvy and I really loved the performance.

Irene Ng:

Zhai Jian, your music was so soothing and comfortable, I felt so relaxed.

Flying Dutchman:

Zhai Jian, you have taken saxmusic out of the elevator!



Jeff's Performance Videos

(Alto Saxophone & Soprano Saxophone & Tenor Saxophone)

Performance on TV 2010

(Joy of Life - Kenny G)

(One Moment of Glory Program, Mediacorp Channel 5)

Santa Claus is Coming to Town

- Kenny G

(Christmas celebration at the mall)

Dulux D&D Opening

(Sabor A Mi- Kenny G)

(Kenny G Sabor A Mi)

Saxophone Solo

Have Yourself A Little Merry Christmas

Saxophone and Keyboard

(Santa Baby )

(Live music band for events and weddings)

Saxophone and Music Band

(Somewhere Over the Rainbow) Li

D&D Opening with Desert Roses

(Kenny G Joy of Life)

(Lian He Zao Bao Award Ceremony)

Jeff and The Rockstar Lullaby


( @Fish & Co. The Glass House )

Forever in Love

Kenny G

(Wedding show)

Performance 1 @ Gemini 2011

(Fusion music and dance concert)

Performance 2 @ Gemini 2011

(Fusion music and dance concert)

Performance @ Ignite Fest 2011

(Music Fest)

All I ask of you

(Wedding show, with Soprano Opera Singer)

Against All Odds


(Covered by Jeff)

O Sole Mio

(Wedding show, with Soprano Opera Singer)

Birthday Party Show

(Birthday Song&Besame Mucho With Hawaii dancers)

Performance @ Shiraz

(Dan Kehila on accordion/ Dance by Sophia)

Fly me to the Moon @ Desert Roses Studio

(Dan Kehila on accordion)



Jeff's Performance Photos

(On TV, in other events, with band and with Desert Roses)


In July 2012, Jeff was invited to perform in Dan Hill's "Greatest Hits 2012" world tour show in Marina Bay Sands grand theater Singapore.


Other Solo performances photos

(On TV, in other events, with band and with Desert Roses)


Bio of Jeff Zhai Jian


Based in Singapore, Jeff Zhai Jian is a young, vibrant and talented saxophonist and experienced instructor who has been featured and performed saxophone on mediacorp TV show. He was regarded as "Singapore's Kenny G" by Mediacorp TV channel 5. He plays Kenny G style soprano sax music, smooth jazz music and other types of saxophone music.


At age 8, Jeff first learned Jazz and started to get familiar with Saxophone music. He was enchanted by the romantic tunes and fell in love with it instantly. And age 13, he studied Saxophone intensively and achieved the highest grade (Grade 10) at provincial level (Shandong province, China) and the highest grade (Grade 9) in Chinese National Music Examination for Saxophone. He also achieved Grade 3 (highest grade is Grade 4) in National Examination of Music Knowledge. 

Since primary school, Jeff has shown an innate flair in music and has been appointed as the student leader in arts activities till high school, conducting student chorus group and leading other performances. He has represented the school and won many awards in many arts festivals. He was awarded with "the Most Talented Student" in Shandong Province at 13.  At provincial level he has also won silver medal in saxophone competition at age 14.

He was the chief musician in provincial orchestra during age 13 to 15.

In Feb 2010, Jeff came to Singapore to pursue higher education in Republic Polytechnic and soon was invited to join school musician group Replug and performed at Esplanade. In August 2010, he was recommended by school to join Singapore's first talents show OMG (One Moment of Glory) on TV.  In Dec 2010, he was invited back again to perform for the biggest countdown party "Celebrate 2011" at Marina May by Mediacorp TV channel 5


In July 2012, Jeff was invited to perform in Dan Hill's "Greatest Hits 2012" world tour show in Marina Bay Sands grand theater Singapore.


Jeff's saxophone solo performance is popular for events, parties and weddings in Singapore and he has been invited to perform overseas too. Jeff has also performed for many grand events such as Singapore Prestige brand award ceremony 2011 and 2012, and also international award ceremony hosted by SPN Ogivly Russia in Jan 2011.

Jeff is also a patient, inspiring and experienced instructor, with his strong performing experience in all types of saxophones, he has helped the students achieve Grade 5 and Grade 6 in one year. In Singapore, his students are from all over the world. He will inspire more students and bring the music to their hearts with his devotion to saxophone and its romantic music. 

Saxophone Lessons

(Saxophone sales /rental provided)

Either you are a total beginner (without a saxophone or even can't read music scores) or an intermediate saxophone student, you will achieve your goals by learning with instructor Jeff - no matter your goal is to be able to play jazz saxophone music or pass classic saxophone exams.


Progressive plans will be made and private classes will be arranged according to your own music background. Private class time can be flexible at your convinience. If you are a total beginner, you should be able to play a simple song after 8 lessons if you learn hard and practise hard acccording to the instructions.


Venue is at Desert Roses Belly Dance Studio, very spacious.


Please SMS Jeff @ 81261553 /

for more information by introducimg your own music background and stating your goal of learning.


Book a class now! Please SMS instructor Jeff @ 81261553 to make an appiontment.


We provide Saxophone for rental if you don't have one!

We also sell new saxophones at very reasonable price. Please feel free to enquiry. Brand new and of very good quality.

Please SMS Jeff @ 81261553 /



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